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Intensive – 2.5 Hours

 330.00 incl. VAT

The Ultimate Adventure (Save €45)


The Ultimate Adventure (Save €45)

The Intensive flight option is the ultimate adventure for the serious enthusiast or for a group of people (group surcharges apply – please visit our Group Bookings page). Like the 2-hour Extended flight option, you can perform two short flights, carrying out all the preflight preparations, procedures and checks, or perhaps combine a single flight with a number of holding patterns, missed approaches and touch and go’s!

You may also choose to fly with Live Air Traffic Control (ATC)*, to take the realism to the max!

Another option is to fly a number of different short flights, such as city excursions, scenic flights, or a number of challenging landings.

The Intensive option is also ideal for pilots preparing for airline interviews, or wanting to practice specific procedures.

* Live ATC is available on selected flights only. Please visit our Live ATC page more details.