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The Simulator

Cyprus Attractions Flight Simulator

Fully Enclosed Cockpit

Our fixed-based Boeing 737-800 flight simulator is a fully enclosed cockpit. With windows in the front and a fully completed enclosure with a cockpit door in the back, all built to 100% scale, you will feel like you are in a real flight deck. The cockpit also has  two jump seats, so bring a couple of family members or friends to enjoy the experience with you - for free!

Near Exact Replica

Our cockpit is a near-exact replica of the real Boeing 737-800 flight deck. About 98% of the instruments are fully functional - including complete overhead panels, MCP (mode control panel) and FMC (flight management computers). We even have a working intercom system for all cockpit occupants to be able speak to each other, and a radio system to communicate with air traffic control!

Cyprus Attractions: near exact replica of 737 cockpit

230-Degree Curved Screen

The flight simulator has a 230-degree, wrap-around, curved screen for a highly immersive experience. With advanced blending software, the image is true and seamless all around you. We use the latest in technology, which includes a screen made from perspex with a special coating, and very high contrast projectors. The result is a very rich picture and perception of depth which you do not get with conventional curved screens on the market.

High definition visuals - flight simulation - cyprus attractions

High Definition Visuals

Enjoy breathtaking outside views, with high-definition visuals and stunning depiction of atmospheric effects such as clouds, snow, rain, etc. We also have highly detailed airport scenery for a number of popular airports around the world, including accurate representation of taxiway signs, lighting, gates and line markings. Navigate your way around the airport with ease, using your airport charts and looking out of your side windows, just as in real life. 

Cyprus attractions: have an adventure in our flight simulator

Live Air Traffic Control!

For the ultimate in realism, fly with Live Air Traffic Control*!  Request flight clearance from the relevant air traffic controller, and then await your clearance. Things can move along quite quickly, just as in real life, so be prepared to feel the heat -  this is as real as it gets!

Our cockpit is equipped with an intercom system to allow all occupants of the cockpit to speak with each other, and a radio system for communication with air traffic controllers. 

* Live ATC is availble on selected flights only. Refer to our Live ATC page for further details.

As real as it gets - Cyprus Attractions Flight Simulator

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