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Test Flight – 30 mins

 80.00 incl. VAT

Get a taste of being an airline pilot!


Get a taste of being an airline pilot!

Enjoy a city excursion, a scenic flight or a challenging landing! You will learn how to use the flight controls, perform a touch & go, or try out a challenging landing. The Test Flight is a great introduction to what being a pilot of a commercial airliner feels like. You will be given basic training on how to use the flight controls, and as the pilot in command, you will takeoff, fly and land the airliner.

Typically, the flight will commence with the plane positioned on the runway with the engines running. With your hands and feet on the controls, you will gently ease the throttles forward, and then engage the auto throttle. You will keep your eyes ahead, and keep the plane on the runway until your instructor calls out “V1 and Rotate”. That is when you will pull back on the yoke as the plane lifts off!

Once in the air, your instructor will set up the systems for arrival as you navigate around the airport, taking in the breath-taking views. With your landing gear down and flaps deployed on the final approach, it’s a matter of following the instruments as they guide you down the glideslope. A slight flare at the end, and idling of the throttles, and you will feel the vibrations on touch down, and the rush as you try to bring the plane to a full stop!

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