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Extended – 2 Hours

 270.00 incl. VAT

Extended time in the cockpit! (save €30)


Extended time in the cockpit! (save €30)

The Extended Flight Option is perfect for the enthusiast who would like the additional time to really get involved in the whole process of flying. From programming in your flight plan into the flight management computer (FMC), and preparing the departure and arrival in detail, you have the time to get stuck into the finer details. You may also choose to fly with Live Air Traffic Control (ATC)*, to take the realism to the max!

Alternatively, you may wish to perform two short flights, such as a return flight, just as flight crew will often be required to do in the real world. As soon as you arrive at the gate after your first flight, it will be time to quickly turn the aircraft around and head back! Feel the pressure of working to a tight timeline – just like in real life!

Another option is to practice flying published departure and arrival procedures, perfect your landings, or carry out a few city excursions and scenic flights.

The Extended flight option is also ideal for pilots wanting preparing for airline interviews.

* Live ATC is available on selected flights only. Please visit our Live ATC page more details.