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Live ATC

Live Air Traffic Control (ATC) - Overview

If you are looking for the ultimate in realism, then fly with Live Air Traffic Control (ATC)*! 

Using our intercom/radio system, and real aviation headsets, you or your instructor will request flight clearance from the relevant air traffic controller, and await clearance instructions. You will then prepare the aircraft, start up the engines when cleared to do so, and follow ATC instructions throughout your flight. Just as in the real world, things can move along quite quickly with Live ATC, so be prepared to feel the heat - this is as real as it gets!

The Live ATC (Air Traffic Control) facility is a free service provided by a third party provider, and consists of real people connecting to an online network either as pilots or controllers. Pilots are expected to have a good handle of their aircrafts and follow instructions and procedures promptly and correctly. All procedures, protocols and communications are intended to replicate real world operations. 

Please note that we cannot guarantee your eligibility of participating in a Live ATC flight, nor the availability of controllers and pilots required to make a Live ATC flight possible for your selected flight.


As live ATC flights are carried out real time, following real life procedures, things can be a little bit challenging! If you wish to fly the simulator manually during the flight, then you will require a certain level of experience in managing the flight controls and flying in a controlled manner. Alternatively, the autopilot can be engaged during demanding phases of the flight, to have enough resources available to communicate with the controllers and note down and follow instructions.

The minimum age to participate in communications with controllers is 13 years. Children under this age will be able to listen to ATC instructions but not communicate back with the controllers.

At all times, the instructor will have full discretion on whether a particular individual is eligible for participating in a Live ATC flight. As a general rule, we expect customers to fly with us at least once before being eligible to fly with Live ATC.

Please note that as Live ATC must be carried out in real time, this service is only available for flights of 2 hours or more in duration, to allow sufficient time for obtaining of clearances, traffic delays, etc. Refer to the Flight Options page for details.

Controller Availability

Availability of Live ATC will depend on the number of controllers and pilots logged in to the network at the time of your flight, and in the locations you wish to fly.

In general, we have noticed availability of the controllers online as follows (all times are shown in Cyprus time):

Cyprus Summer Time (late March to late October):

  • Mondays 12pm - 3pm: Australian east coast airports
  • Weekday evenings (especially Friday nights) from 6.30pm: European airports
  • Saturday afternoons from 3pm: European airports


Cyprus Winter Time (late October to late March):

  • Mondays 10am - 1pm: Australian east coast airports
  • Weekday evenings (especially Friday nights) from 6.30pm: European airports
  • Saturday afternoons from 3pm: European airports

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