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Airline Interview Preparation

Airline Interview Preparation

So you have come a long way in your aviation career and are now getting ready to meet the airlines. Congratulations! Your next step is a huge step forward as you move from the small planes to the airliners.

Your airline interview is your first step into the world of airline transport, and you want to get it right the first time. It is important that your airline interview preparation is thorough and that you are completely familiar with the instrumentation layout, flight controls and instruments, flight dynamics and aircraft handling. A few hours in our Boeing 737-800NG cockpit will give you the skills and confidence to come out of your airline interview with "flying" colours!

The way the Boeing 737-800 handles is quite different to the Airbus, and very different to smaller planes. It takes some time to develop good control with manual flying, and understand just how thrust and pitch affect the flight characteristics. As we have had many airline pilots and candidates practice on our simulator, we can give you tips and tricks that will help you master your airliner flying skills quickly.

The question for you is not whether this is something you should do before your airline interview, but rather, whether can you afford not to!

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airline interview preparation
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Airline Interview Preparation - Pricing

We recommend that pilots spend an absolute minimum of 2 hours in our cockpit, although it would be far better to spend at least 4 hours. From our experience, pilots who spend 4 hours or more with us do far better at their interviews.

You can select an option that meets your time requirements from our Flight Options page.

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I would like to say a very big thank you to Sunil & Flight Simulator Cyprus. I had a fantastic experience, one that I highly recommend to all!!!!

I approached Sunil after being invited for a pilot assessment with one of the largest 737-800 operators in Europe. My intention was only to book a couple of hours but after meeting Sunil and flying with him I quickly extended my sessions for over 10 hours.

Sunil’s approach and guidance Is very professional, with his flexibility & knowledge I was able to really make the most out of my sessions. Thanks to Sunil I thoroughly familiarised myself with the 737-800, its flying characteristics and successfully passed my assessment.

Nadir G