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The Adventure

Pre-Flight Briefing

The pre-flight briefing is an important part of your adventure and overall experience. The instructor will sit down with you to discuss what you wish to achieve out of the adventure, and understand your skill level. Together, we will establish which airports to take off from and and land at. We will also determine whether or not to use Live Air Traffic Control and Live Weather, and check the availability of online air traffic controllers, if appropriate.

Your instructor will then prepare the simulator for your adventure, and set up the aircraft at the gate or on a taxiway. They will also prepare and download the relevant airport charts and information to get you, literally, on to a 'flying start'!

The Flight

Depending on your skill level, your instructor will provide you a few moments of training in use of the flight controls and instruments. The flight will then begin with you, the captain, in charge. Your instructor will perform the role of 'First Officer', supporting and instructing you throughout your flight.

If using Live Air Traffic Control, you will request flight clearance from the air traffic controller, and await your clearance instructions. You will prepare the aircraft, start up the engines when cleared to do so, and then follow ATC instructions throughout your flight. Just as in the real world, things can move along quite quickly with Live ATC, so be prepared to feel the heat - this is as real as it gets!

Please note that Live Air Traffic Control is available on selected flights only - visit our Live ATC page for details.

If you are not flying with Live ATC, you will get plenty of time to carry out a few touch and go's, explore the world from the skies, and immerse yourself in the stunning high definition visuals.

You can ask your instructor as many questions as you like, and they will do their best to answer them for you.

Limassol Adventures: Cyprus flight simulation

Post-Flight Debrief

Once the adrenaline rush is over, it is time to sit down and have a short review of how your flight went. The post-flight Debrief is your chance to reflect on how you performed, ask your instructor further questions, and of course plan for your next flight!

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