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Fear of Flying Programme

Basic Programme - Summary

Flight Simulator Cyprus has partnered with a team of neuroscientists and a Kinesiologist to provide you with a cutting-edge fear of flying programme to get you happily up in the air again!

The core of our basic programme combines therapy from our Kinesiologist and neurofeedback sessions from a team of neuroscientists. The neurofeedback sessions are conducted by the neuroscientists at AAI Scientific Cultural Services, designed to rebalance neural activity in the brain. You are asked to complete a detailed questionnaire about your general health, and then a series of five neurofeedback sessions are provided over the course of 2-3 weeks. Optionally, you could also have a baseline and follow-up electroencephalogram (EEG), which records your brain’s neural activity under certain conditions. This information could be used to objectively review any changes that have occurred in your brain from the programme. The neurofeedback sessions are provided in Nicosia. You can find out more about neurofeedback here.

The Kinesiology based therapy treaments are provided by the Kinesiologist from Ravel Therapies. The aim of these treatments is to identify the root causes of your fears, and to address them directly using techniques drawn from EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), among others. This will involve certain home reinforcement exercises, which you will need to do daily for 3-4 weeks. The treatment itself may be carried out inside the simulator, or at Ravel Therapies’ clinic in Ayia Phyla, Limassol.

At the beginning of the fear of flying basic programme, you will be taken on a short flight in our professional flight simulator, under the guidance of our simulator instructor. The aim of this flight is to take you through the safety systems on board, what goes on in the cockpit during the different phases of flight, and to explain what all those sounds you hear in the cabin really are!

The whole fear of flying programme is delivered typically over 1 month. We expect that you should notice significant changes to your fear level at the end of this basic programme, and be looking forward to your next flight!

However, for some people who have a deep-rooted fear of flying for a very long time, additional work may be required. Should you require additional treatments, we can tailor-make a follow-up programme for you, as required.

Fear of Flying – Basic Programme and Pricing

Our fear of flying programme is delivered in a flexible, pay-as-you-go manner, and you are free to start and stop whenever you like. Please note, however, that the best results are obtained when you follow our programme. In particular, it is important to receive all five neurofeedback sessions in close succession (over 3 weeks maximum), to get the most benefit.

Following is our recommended programme:

Week 1 – Initial Consultation and Simulator Flight

The first step is a short 15-minute consultation with our flight simulator instructor and kinesiologist at Flight Simulator Cyprus, where we discuss your actual fears and any known triggers or events relating to it. You will be requested to complete a short 1-page form prior to this consultation.

After the consultation, you will experience a 1.5 hour long introduction flight in our Boeing 737-800 flight simulator. During this time, we will carry out a full city to city flight, recreate various conditions and explain the relevant procedures and safety systems. We can create different scenarios such as low visibility, turbulence, night flying, etc and also carry out a missed approach seconds before landing. The simulator can be paused at any time, should you feel the need to take a moment to collect yourself.

The aim of this flight is to help you relate all the sounds and experiences in the cabin to what is going on in the cockpit. This basic understanding of the safety systems will help increase your sense of confidence and ease during flights.

Initial consultation: Free
Introduction flight: €240.00 incl. VAT

Week 1 – Kinesiology Treatment

The kinesiology treatments are provided either as one 1.5-hour treatment, or two 45-minute treatments. They may be carried out either at the flight simulator or at Ravel Therapies’ clinic at Ayia Fyla in Limassol. The Kinesiologist uses simple muscle biofeedback techniques to help you identify any events or emotions that may be at the root of your fears. She will then teach you relevant EFT and/or NLP techniques to help you reframe your perception of flying and alter your reaction to any triggers. You will also be given home reinforcement exercises which you will be asked to perform daily for 4 weeks. Repetition is very important, as the aim is to reprogram certain brain patterns.

It is best to have the kinesiology treatment in week 1, in order that you can commence your home reinforcement exercises the soonest.

Kinesiology treatment(s) – 1.5 hrs total: €70.00 (no VAT)

Weeks 2-4 – Neurofeedback Sessions

From the second week, you can commence a series of consultations with the neuroscientists at AAI Scientific Cultural Services in Nicosia. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire prior to the consultation, where you are asked to score yourself on a list of symptoms.

Over the course of 2-3 weeks, you will be given five neurofeedback sessions, designed to balance the neural activity in the brain, helping to balance your brain to improve overall function. Clients often report a number of unrelated symptoms also improving as a result of these sessions.

Each session lasts approximately 45 minutes, during which time you will sit comfortably on a chair in front of a TV screen and passively participate in a number of audio-visual activities.

As an option, you may choose to have an electroencephalogram (EEG) prior to your neurofeedback sessions to record a baseline of your neural activity, and then a follow-up EEG at the end of your neurofeedback sessions. This will give you and your neuroscientist an objective record of the changes that have occurred in your brain over the course of the neurofeedback sessions. Each EEG session takes about 1.5 hours.

Neurofeedback sessions: €80.00 per session X 5 sessions = €400.00 incl. VAT
Optional baseline EEG: €150.00 incl. VAT
Optional follow-up EEG: €150.00 incl. VAT
Please note all payments for the neurofeedback sessions should be made directly to AAI Scientific Cultural Services (neuroscientists team) in Nicosia.

Week 4 – Refresher Flight

The last step of the basic fear of flying programme is to participate in a short 30-minute refresher flight. The aim of this flight is to go over any questions you may have about flying, and to assess the changes in your perceptions and feelings in relation to flying.

We hope and expect by this time that you will have noticed a significant improvement in your ability to fly with ease and excitement!

Refresher flight: €100.00 incl. VAT