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Virtual Flight Training

Virtual Flight Training Programme - Become a Virtual Airline Pilot!!

Did you ever dream of being an airline pilot? Do you wish you could fly an airliner without having to train for years and spend tens of thousands of euros? Well, now you can! We have developed a virtual flight training programme that will give you the confidence to fly our sophisticated Boeing 737-800NG flight simulator in no time at all!

Our training programme consists of five certificates as follows:

Certificate One - Manual Flying
Certificate Two - Startup & Shutdown, and the Overhead Panel
Certificate Three - Instrument Flight, MCP, and Navigation
Certificate Four - Flight Management Computer and Flight Planning
Certificate Five - Multi-Crew Procedures and Communication

Each certificate is typically taught over 4-6 lessons, and requires you to pass a test flight before you move on the next certificate. All training is provided inside the cockpit, and from the very first lesson, you are in the captain seat flying the airplane.

Our virtual Type Rating training is comprehensive and will give you all the skills you need to fly confidently in our simulator. Above all, it is exciting and a lot of fun!

Important Note:

Please note that we are not a flight school. All training provided in our simulator is for entertainment purposes only, and must not be used for real aviation purposes. We do not provide any official flying qualifications.

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virtual type rating
virtual flight school

Virtual Flight Training Programme - Pricing

Our virtual flight training programme is completely flexible and requires no upfront commitment whatsoever. You choose when you want to fly and how quickly you want to progress. Simply purchase any of our flight options (minimum 1-hr duration), selected from from our Flight Options page. Let us know when you arrive that you would like to start the virtual flight training programme. It's that simple!

There is a registration fee of €30.00 incl. VAT at the beginning of each of the five Certificates. You can then purchase each lesson at your own pace or take advantage of our frequent flyer packages for significant discounts.




Virtual Flight Training - Book Your Flight Now!

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