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Short Haul – 1 Hour

 150.00 incl. VAT

Popular Option – city-to-city flight


Popular Option – city-to-city flight

Complete a short city to city flight in real time or simply grab the controls and explore the world. The Short Haul is a great way to experience a full city to city flight, and learn how real pilots do it! You will become familiar with all the major processes that take place from starting up at the gate to landing at the destination airport.

For a city to city flight, the aircraft will be positioned at a gate close to the active runway and have the flight plan programmed into the Flight Management Computer already. After a short briefing, you will start up the engines, and taxi to the runway. After takeoff, you will have the chance to practice your manual flying skills, and engage the autopilot when you want a break to enjoy the breath-taking scenery!

Along the way, you will be completing the checklists, and making public announcements for the crew and passengers as required. You will be shown how to navigate the airplane along your flight plan, using real-world navigation charts and procedures.

Optionally, instead of a city-to-city flight, you may choose to fly a number of different short flights, such as city excursions, scenic flights, or a few challenging landings!

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Short Haul Plus – 1.5 Hours

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