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Things to do in Cyprus – Limassol Attractions – 737-800 Flight Simulator

things to do in cyprus limassol attractions

Things to do in Cyprus – Limassol Attractions – 737-800 Flight Simulator

If you are looking for things to do in Cyprus, take a flight in our sophisticated, top of the range, fixed base Boeing 737-800 flight simulator. One of the top Limassol attractions - experience what it feels like to be a commercial pilot for an experience you will never forget.

The Boeing 737 flight simulator is the perfect experience for yourself or a gift for a family member, loved one or friend. Who doesn’t want to know what it feels like to be a pilot in a big commercial airplane? Do you want to know what all those buttons and switches do? Or do you just want to grab the throttle and yoke, and feel the buzz of taking off and landing?  After a quick induction in the use of the flight controls, you are the captain of the flight deck, and your instructor will provide you instruction and support as required.

You can take the experience as far as you like. If you would like to get really technical, and simulate a real city to city flight as closely as possible, then book a session with Live ATC*. You will request and receive clearances from ATC, and follow ATC instructions – just as in real life. Be prepared to feel the pressure – as things can move along very quickly!

Find out more about the simulator here.

things to do in cyprus limassol attractions

Things to do in Cyprus – Top Limassol Attractions

Our Boeing flight simulator is the first of its kind in Cyprus, and is set to become one of the top things to do in Cyprus. The flight deck cockpit is a near-exact replica of the real Boeing 737-800 flight deck, with 100% scale instruments.

The outside views and features such as rain, snow, etc are depicted in stunning detail with a state of the art 230-degree curved wrap-around screen. Detailed airport scenery for a number of popular airports around the world, including accurate representation of taxiway signs, lighting, gates and line markings, takes the experience to a very high level of realism.

You will feel the excitement from the moment you step into the cockpit – and the buzz will stay with you for a very long time!

Book this Limassol attraction now for an experience you will remember forever.

limassol attractions things to do in cyprus

Things to do in Cyprus - Buy Your Flight Now!

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