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Cyprus Attractions – Things to do in Limassol – Boeing Flight Simulator

things to do in limassol cyprus attractions

Cyprus Attractions – Things to do in Limassol – Boeing Flight Simulator

If you are looking for the top Cyprus Attractions, consider visiting our sophisticated Boeing 737-800 flight simulator for things to do in Limassol. Experience what it feels like to be a commercial pilot for an experience you will never forget.

Our Boeing flight simulator is the first of its kind in Cyprus, and is set to become one of the top Cyprus attractions. Our cockpit is a near-exact replica of the real Boeing 737-800 flight deck. Nearly all of the instruments are fully functional - including a complete overhead panel, mode control panel and flight management computers.  With the 230-degree curved wrap-around screen, the outside views show a stunning depiction of atmospheric effects such as clouds, snow, rain, etc. Detailed airport scenery for a number of popular airports around the world, including accurate representation of taxiway signs, lighting, gates and line markings, takes the experience to a very high level of realism.

Find out more about the simulator here.

things to do in limassol cyprus attractions

Things to do in Limassol – Cyprus Attractions

Our flight simulator is the ideal experience or gift for both adults and children over the age of 10 years.  After a quick induction in the use of the flight controls, you are free to fly the plane, taking in the breath taking views, and performing a few takeoffs and landings. If you want to get really technical, then you can learn to use the instruments and program in a flight on the flight management computer. Your instructor will provide guidance and perform the supportive tasks, normally carried out by the first officer.

From the moment you step into the fully enclosed cockpit, you will be immersed in the accurate replica of functional instrumentation throughout, and the stunning scenery through the windows at the front. Once seated in the pilot’s seat, with your flight plan loaded and receiving flight clearance from ATC, you will quickly forget that you are not in a real airplane.

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top-cyattractions things to do in limassol

Top Cyprus Attractions - Buy Your Flight Now!

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