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Limassol Tourist Attractions – Fly a Boeing 737 Flight Simulator

things to do in limassol tourist attractions

Limassol Tourist Attractions – Fly a Boeing 737 Flight Simulator

If you looking for things to do in Limassol, be sure to experience one of the top Limassol tourist attractions – our top of the range Boeing flight simulator. Fly in a full-scale Boeing 737-800 flight simulator for an experience you will never forget. Find out more about the simulator here.

Did you ever wonder what it must feel like to be a pilot of a commercial airplane? Have you ever think about all those buttons and switches in the flight deck and what they do? Then book in for a flight you will never forget! Our instructor will give you a quick induction to get you flying straight away. Grab the yoke and throttle and experience the adrenaline of take-offs and landings! If you want to know about the instrumentation, your instructor will explain what the various controls do, and help you set up the aircraft for takeoff.

Remember, you can also bring two other family members or friends with you for free to enjoy the experience from the jump seats at the back of the cockpit, so why not share this thrilling experience with them?

limassol tourist attractions cyprus

Things to do in Limassol - experience the top Limassol tourist attraction

Our flight simulator is a top of the range, fixed based, Boeing 737-800 flight deck. It is fully enclosed, built to 100% scale of the real aircraft, with most instruments fully functional. There is even a functional intercom and radio system for internal communications in the cockpit and for communicating with air traffic control (ATC).

If you want to maximise the realism, choose a flight option with Live ATC*. You will request flight clearance from air traffic control, and follow ATC instructions and real life procedures. Be prepared to get hot under the collar – things move along quickly and you will feel the pressure!

Your instructor will provide guidance and perform the supportive tasks, normally carried out by the first officer. The instructor will cater to your level of experience, and help you get the most out of your flight.

You will be immersed in the accurate replica of functional instrumentation from the minute you step on board the flight deck, and the stunning scenery will make you quickly forget that you are not in a real airplane! 

things to do in limassol tourist attractions

Limassol Tourist Attractions - Buy Your Flight Now!

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